• 13. Seminar on separation and analytical chemistry of toxic compounds.
    28-29th June 1999, Bohdanec, Czech Republic. The Section is one of the co-organisers. For more details contact Dr. B. Uchytil, ICO CR, Kamenice u Prahy, tel./fax: +420/204/673054, 673052 or +420/2/6885027 (home - after 6 p.m.) or the Section (
  • 51st Congress of the Chemical Societies.
    The next biennial joint Congress of the Czech Chemical Society and the Slovak Chemical Society will be organised by the Slovak Chemical Society on 6-9 September 1999 in Nitra, Slovak Republic. The congress will be open to the chemists from abroad and outstanding scientists from other countries will be invited to deliver their lectures. A special section on Nuclear Chemistry will form a part of the scientific programme. The Section is one of the co-organisers. More details on the above given web site or on the address of the section (
  • 13rd Radiochemical Conference
    The Proceedings of the 13th international Radiochemical Conferences, that took place in the spring of 1998 at Marianske Lazne and Jachymov on the occasion of the centenary of the discovery of radium and polonium, should appear soon as Supplement No.1 to the 49th volume of the Czechoslovak Journal of Physics. The full papers in the Adobe Acrobat format and photographs from the conference will be available soon on the Conference Home Page.