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Analytical Calculations and Chemometry Principals
Aplication of Radionuclides I
Aplication of Radionuclides II
Application of Radiation Methods
Bachelor's thesis I

Bachelor's thesis II
Compile a Search I
Compile a Search II
Determination of Radionuclides in the Environment
Environmental Chemistry and Radioecology
Excursion I
Excursion II
General Chemistry - materials
General Chemistry I - materials
General Chemistry II - materials
General Chemistry Calculations - materials
Chemistry of Radioactive Elements - materials
Instrumental Methods I
Instrumental Methods II
Introduction to Nuclear Chemistry
Introduction to Photochemistry and Photobiology

Ionising Radiation Detection - materials
Laboratory Practice in the Instrumental Methods
Master's Thesis I

Master's Thesis II
Measurement and Data Handling
Modelling of the Migration Processes in the Environment
Nuclear chemistry I
Nuclear chemistry II - materials
Nuclear Materials Technology
Nuclear Power Plants Design and Operation - materials
Numerical Simulation of Complex Environmental Processes
Physical Chemistry 1
Physical Chemistry 2
Physical Chemistry 3
Physical Chemistry 4
Physical Chemistry 5
Practical Exercises in Radiation Methods in Biology and Medicine
Practical Exercises in Radiation Chemistry
Practical Exercises in Detection of Ionizing Radiation - materials
Practical Exercises in Microbiology
Practical Exercises in Nuclear Chemistry - materials
Practical Exercises in Radioanalytical Methods - materials
Practical Exercises in Radiochemistry Techniques - materials
Practical Exercises in Separation Methods - materials
Protection of the Environment
Radiation Chemistry
Radiation Methods in Biology and Medicine
Radioanalytical Methods - materials
Radionuclide Production
Radiopharmaceuticals I
Radiopharmaceuticals II
Research Project I 
Research Project II
Seminar I
Seminar II
Separation Methods in Nuclear Chemistry I
Separation Methods in Nuclear Chemistry II
The Chemistry of Operation of Nuclear Power Plants - materials
The Technology of the Fuel Cycles of Nuclear Power Stations
The Theory of the Electromagnetic Field and Wave Motion
Trace Radiochemistry
Waste Analysis
Waste Management and Treatment